2014-2015 Performances

In Lieu of Live Concerts ....

  For much of 2020 and 2021, CMA has presented monthly concert videos from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center as a way of keeping in touch with our audience, and as a reminder of what we're missing.

  These videos are professionally produced, filmed in high resolution with enhanced audio.  The only place the videos will be available will be right here on CMA's website. 


  We have presented one concert video per month, starting on the first day of each month.  These recorded chamber music concerts areavailable for streaming on demand for a period of seven days each. 

  We are making these concerts from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center available to you free of charge - we are not putting them behind any kind of paywall.  The videos are licensed to us by Lincoln Center for the purpose of sharing them with our chamber music audience.  CMA pays a fee for this license.  CMA will gratefully accept donations to defray the costs of our license, but the videos are being offered as our gift to you.