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2014-2015 Performances

Limited Time Offer

From now through January 22, 2023 --

Spend $160 for premium seats for all four of CMA's remaining concerts this season and get $24 back.  Or spend $120 for socially distanced seats for all four of  CMA's remaining concerts and get $18 back. That's a 15 percent rebate!  Here's how it works:

Buy tickets for each of our four remaining concerts  at the regular price of either $40 for premium seating, or $30 for socially distanced seating.  Then contact CMA at, or by phone at (505) 268-1990, and ask for your rebate.  We'll confirm that you qualify and that we have your mailing address, then we'll send you a rebate check.

The same terms will apply to multiple tickets for all four concerts: as long as the same number of tickets are bought for each concert, and as the price level is the same for all tickets, we will issue a rebate for 15 percent of the purchase price. 

Take advantage of this offer to attend all of CMA's remaining 2022-23 concerts and receive a 15 percent rebate! 

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